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How to Be Prepared for your San Jose Furnace Installation

When wintertime comes, there are few things more important than the heating system in your San Jose home. That’s why when you are preparing to get a new furnace installation, it’s important to plan ahead and take time to learn about the options available to you. What details are important? For one thing, the characteristics of the furnace you are considering, like size, type and efficiency. All of these have an effect on the amount of money you will spend in the peak heating season. In addition, the quality of the furnace you get will also impact how long your system will perform at peak levels. For instance, you should always choose the most efficient furnace you are able to afford. Furnace efficiency measures the amount of energy in a furnace will be converted into heating power for your home. This is measured in AFUE (the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). In order to comply with regulations, the minimum efficiency for a furnace is 80 percent AFUE. On the other hand, some furnaces can reach 97 percent AFUE, which allows only 3 percent of the energy to escape of the flue. This way, you will spend less natural gas to heat your home, which will in turn lower your monthly energy bills.

Keep a few things in mind when you are preparing for a new furnace installation

#1 The fuel source of your furnace

One of the things you want to learn about as you prepare for your furnace installation is the fuel source of the furnace. Whether you want electric, gas, or oil heating, you have options available. But remember that there are several important things you need to know about each type of fuel. Gas furnaces run from natural gas, and continue to be the most cost-effective method of heating your home in cold weather. While a propane or oil furnace is also a powerful heat source, this type of furnace requires more storage room, and it can be more expensive to run, depending on today’s oil price. However, this is a good alternative to a gas furnace when you live in older homes that don’t have gas lines. The disadvantage of getting an electric furnace is that they can run up your electricity bill, but they are a viable alternative to a natural gas furnace. If you are unsure of which fuel type is the best choice, consider an electric-powered heat pump. This is an economical system which uses much less electricity as it transfers heat from one air stream to another. The pump can also serve as an air conditioner in the summer and can meet all the heating and cooling needs of any home. Therefore, this is an option that many San Jose homeowners choose.

# Your furnace’s zoning systems

Sometimes different areas of your house may grow colder or hotter more quickly. This depends on different factors like location and construction. If your thermostat is near one of these areas, you may experience cold or hot spots in your home. In addition to this, you may also be burning more energy than is needed to maintain a steady temperature for your home. A zoning system is the solution for both of these problems. These systems split your house into groups (called “zones”), and each zone is controlled by its’ own thermostat. In addition, dampers inside your ducts can open or shut off access to each zone. This keeps the temperatures even throughout your house, and also ensures that you are not using too much energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

#3 The indoor air quality of your home

Most furnaces have blowers, which distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. On the inside of your ducts, there could also be additional indoor air quality systems, and these help produce clean, safe air for your home. On the day of your furnace installation, make sure that your technician takes a look at the filters. Filters for a furnace should be changed about twice a year. The best times are right before the heating season begins, and then again right before the cooling season. Making sure that your filters are changed regularly will help you and your family breathe a lot easier.

#4 Quality furnace installation is extremely important

When it comes to furnace installation, it can be hazardous to compromise quality for savings. In addition, when your furnace installation is improperly done, you can run into performance issues later on, which can be hard on your wallet. Therefore, it is always best to invest in a professional furnace installation, which ensures that your system will work well now, and in the future.

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