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Telltale Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs In San Jose

When winter weather comes around, hundreds of San Jose home owners call Pelle Heating and Air Conditioning experts because their furnace has problems and they need furnace repairs. No matter what kind of furnace you have, the same basic issues affect all furnaces. The good news is that by learning what the most common furnace problems are, you can take action to prevent them from happening to you.

Problem #1 Lack of maintenance

When you fail to schedule annual furnace maintenance and routine inspections, you could experience unexpected problems or furnace breakdowns. The routine checkups for your furnace will help it run much more efficiently and reliably.

Problem #2 Regular wear and tear

Even regular wear and tear can cause eventual airflow issues, heat control related problems, and even overheating. This is why it is so important not to neglect your furnace.

Problem #3 Dirty filters

When your furnace gets dirty or clogged air filters, this significantly reduces the airflow, which requires your furnace to work harder in order to circulate properly. Sometimes, a clogged filter can damage your limit switch, which operates the fan.

Problem #4 A malfunctioning thermostat

When your thermostat becomes faulty, you may experience issues with the fan or your home’s comfort levels.

Problem #5 Issues with the electric ignition or pilot control

When you have a faulty pilot control or bad ignition, this makes it very difficult for your furnace to heat your home.

Problem #6 The furnace doesn’t heat up enough, or at all

If your furnace is not the proper size for a space, it will almost certainly not produce enough heat. When your furnace won’t perform its main job, you will probably have issues with the setting on the thermostat, the power, or even the pilot or gas light.

Problem #7 Frequent cycling

When your furnace is alternately cycling between the “Off” and “On” modes, this may mean that you have a clogged filter, bad thermostat setting, or improper airflow. Furnace repairs that could solve the problem include replacing your thermostat, repairing a pilot light or replacing your fan motor.

Problem #8 The blower on your furnace runs continuously

When you have problems with your blower, this could indicate an issue with the limit switch on your furnace, which a professional must replace.

Problem #9 Your furnace makes too much noise

While it’s true that no furnace is going to be completely silent, it’s also not normal for your furnace to sound like it’s possessed. If you hear groaning, banging and whining noises, something is wrong. These noises could mean that you have a mechanical problem, clogged burner or airflow reductions and must be diagnosed by an expert in furnace repairs.

Problem #10 Your electric bills have increased

If you are getting sky-high electricity bills, this could mean inefficient performance on the part of your furnace. This can be caused by several different problems, so it’s always a good idea to have a qualified expert diagnose the problem, instead of trying to fix it on your own.

Problem #11 Your family is experiencing health issues

One serious sign that you need furnace repairs is if your family is having problems related to breathing, like allergies, asthma, or other issues. This can be due to a system that is functioning poorly, and it could be blowing mold, dust and other irritants into the air inside your home. Call an expert immediately!

Problem #12 The presence of ice or condensation

If you have regular cold drafts in your home, most likely your furnace is no longer able to heat your entire home. In addition, if you find ice on your roof, this can mean that the heat from the furnace is leaking up through the attic, instead of staying in the rooms of your house. Also, if you are seeing condensation on (the inside of) your windows, this can mean that you need furnace repairs.

Problem #13 Your furnace is old

Keep in mind that the average lifespan of a furnace is between 10-20 years, so if your furnace is over 15 years old, it is definitely time to start planning on a replacement. Remember that shopping for a new furnace in the midst of an emergency will not allow you the time to make a good decision. Most San Jose homeowners prefer to plan ahead to get furnace repairs done, rather than in a panic, when their furnace has already failed.

As you can see, it is best not to wait until your furnace is no longer working to get repairs! When you act ahead of time, you will save yourself a lot of money, comfort and peace of mind. The professionals at Pelle Heating and Air Conditioning have been assisting the San Jose homeowners with furnace repairs since 2002, and we would be delighted to serve you. We offer free consultations, so please call us to set up your appointment today!

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